Center Philosophy of Small Steps

Small Steps Learning Academy will strive to provide a quality educational setting for children ages 6 weeks to 12 years of age. At Small Steps the # 1 priority is the children! Our Staff will help develop each child’s cognitive, physical, emotional and language development; while raising community awareness, building strong relationships with parents, observing children’s individual needs, introducing a diverse setting, providing educational environments and continuing to transition children into successful individuals. Small Steps implements a learning environment comparable to an elementary school or Head Start atmosphere for children aged 6 weeks to 5 years of age. With our learning atmosphere focusing on individualization and education, the transition to kindergarten will be easier and smoother for every child enrolled at Small Steps Learning Academy. Our Educators are passionate for teaching children, caring for children and most of all giving each child individual attention. Small Steps is a place where children are made the #1 priority and receive the educator’s undivided attention and affection!

Small Steps main propose will be education of the children while making the learning environment fun and enjoyable! Small Steps will enhance children’s growth by following a 10 month educational curriculum while offering well balanced USDA approved meals and educated staff that will care for each child’s individual needs and requirements. Small Steps understands that every child is different and accomplishing the many developmental mile stones is monumental! I thank-you for considering enrolling your child at Small Steps Learning Academy; the Best Educational Place!